Homemade Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Homemade Cold Pressed Almond Milk

It is so easy to make almond milk in your MOD Cold Press Juicer. Not only is homemade almond milk insanely more delicious than the store bought version, it actually works out significantly cheaper if you use the leftover pulp in your baking or cooking. 

Some of the benefits of making almond milk in your cold pressed juicer over making it in a blender is:

  1. There is no need for a nut milk bag - the juicer does all the squeezing for you.
  2. The dryness of the nut pulp produced from the juicer makes it easy to sub into either baking or cooking. 
  3. No need to get messy hands  in the process. Simply alternate feeding handfuls of almonds with the water and the juicer will take care of everything else.
Try this recipe out in your MOD Cold Press - you'll be surprised how easy it is!

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