There are many healthy brownie recipes out there but this is truly the best I have had. 

They are gooey, sticky, decadent...basically everything you want from a goodie brownie but they are so unbelievably healthy. There is absolutely nothing bad in these and they are made with really simple ingredients. 

What makes this recipe so healthy?

  1. It is refined sugar free with minimal sweetener added at all - the bananas provide much of the sweetness so make sure to use ones on the riper side.
  2. It is gluten free and dairy free so it is great for anyone with allergies.
  3. It is nut free so a great option for lunchboxes.

It's a really convenient recipe to have in your back pocket as it only requires 7 ingredients...ingredients that most households will have on hand, and it is also really quick and easy to make. Stuck in lockdown with kids? This is a great one for them to tackle as it takes minimum time, skill and clean up. In under 30 minutes they can create a healthy, sweet snack.

Making this in the MOD Blend Pro means even mixing is taken out of your hands. Simply chuck everything into the blender and let it do the hard work for you! 

July 29, 2021 — Mod Appliances