An absolute kiwi classic. 

Growing up in New Zealand, these biscuits remind me going away to school camp when my grandmother would load me up with dozens of these biscuits to share amongst friends. 

The smell of toasted cornflakes and chocolate is a well known smell to a lot of kiwis so I thought I would try and recreate these with a bit of MOD twist. 

Unlike the originals, these biscuits are completely refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free and they can be whipped up in a few minutes using our MOD Blend Pro.

They are not as sweet as the original which is fine with me - they still hit the spot but if you are after something a bit sweeter, taste the batter before you add in the cornflakes and if you would prefer it a touch sweeter, add in a dash more rice malt syrup. 

These delicious cookies were formerly known as Afghan Cookies but have since been renamed to 1908 cookies to signify the year the Edmonds Cook Book was first published and the earliest record of when this cookie recipe first appeared. 



August 30, 2021 — Mod Appliances