Kombucha is everywhere at the moment. It is now available in most supermarkets and a lot of wine bars and breweries have started listing it as a non-alcoholic option. 

It's fruity and bubbly and delicious but most importantly it is a low sugar, good for the gut alternative to fizzy drinks such as coke and sprite. 

For all those sceptics out there, we thought we would outline three of the top benefits of drinking kombucha.

1. Kombucha is rich in beneficial probiotics

Due to the fermentation process that occurs, it is rich in probiotics. Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that help to keep your body healthy and working well.  

2. Kombucha contains antioxidants 

Many kombuchas are made from brewed green tea as the base. This means the drink comes loaded with all the benefits that green tea has including which includes boosting brain function, reducing the free radicals in your body and kick starting your metabolism.

3. Kombucha helps to satisfy the sweet craving 

When you are craving something bubbly and refreshing, sometimes water just doesn't cut it. Kombucha is a sweet, bubbly, low sugar beverage that will be much kinder on your gut then a can of coke or bottle of ginger beer and most importantly it will satisfy that craving. 

If you are a kombucha lover, make sure you keep one eye on MOD. We have a Kombucha Starter Kit coming very soon to our online store. By following our simple instructions, it is super easy to make beautiful kombucha at home. 

July 21, 2021 — Mod Appliances