Hi friends, we thought we’d put together some inspiration to help you get the most from your MOD Cold Press Juicer! Did you know that each MOD Cold Press comes with a sorbet attachment free as part of the bonus Wellness Bundle?

If you purchased a MOD Cold Press and stashed this part away after unboxing - it happens! We speak to a lot of customers who have purchased a MOD Cold Press Juicer who regularly make various kinds of juice, however they may not have yet gotten around to testing out a healthy fruit sorbet.

A far healthier alternative to ice cream, customers who do use their juicer to make sorbet regularly would say others are missing out! So when you’re ready, iInitiate a search of your most likely kitchen cupboards and find out what else your MOD can do. This nifty attachment can also be used to make a dip like hummus, or easily puree baby food for your little one!

How do you make sorbet using your MOD Cold Press Juicer?

Making all-natural sorbet in your juicer is super easy! You can watch a quick demo of MasterChef Australia Finalist Tim Bone demonstrating how to make sorbet here or find steps below.

You can also find inspiration in the Juicing Handbook and instructions on page 15 of your MOD Cold Press Manual!


  1. Prepare your fruit as you normally would, following the Juicing Handbook provided with your juicer. We recommend not packing the fruit too tightly for easier separation when frozen! You can also do smaller portions if you prefer.
  2. Place the fruit into a container or freezer bag and allow time for it to freeze completely. When frozen, remove from the freezer and allow to warm and soften, only for about 5 minutes.
  3. While you are waiting… Set up your juicer to make sorbet
    • Remove the pulp tab from the bottom of your juicer bowl (pop it off over the screw completely so your bowl sits flush on the motor base!) Set it aside - you can pop back on easily after cleaning.
    • Place your juicer bowl, with pulp tab removed, on top of your motor base as usual.
    • Next, instead of the normal strainer and black basket, take the sorbet strainer and fit into the juicer bowl exactly as you would your normal strainer, using the dot alignment system.
    • Assemble the rest of the juicer exactly as you normally would with your auger, funnel (if it’s a recent model) and lid. Close your drip-stop (the tap juice normally comes out of) and place Making your all-natural sorbet Close your drip-stop (the tap juice normally comes out of) and place a juicer jug under the pulp chute, where juice pulp normally exits. This is where your healthy fruit sorbet will emerge!
4. Turn on your juicer and begin to add pieces of the slightly softened fruit. Add piece by piece, using the pace at which the sorbet emerges as your guide for adding more. You can add frozen yoghurt among the fruit if you wish, or a little frozen honey. You can also add these at the end as more of a side or topping. Either way is delicious and without is amazing too. It’s also OK to be mesmerised as the beautiful frozen steam of colourful goodness gracefully makes its appearance. Happens to us all the time!

    Is sorbet healthier than ice cream?


    There’s an easy answer to that - yes it is! Homemade sorbet is whole fruit that has been cut, frozen and then combined in a device such as your MOD Cold Press or MOD Blend Pro, while remaining frozen (but slightly softened through the process). It is a whole food and can therefore be vegan if no animal products (such as frozen yoghurt) are added.

    Fresh sorbet is generally best consumed straight after being prepared. Making sorbet at home is super easy, and you control exactly what goes into it! Get creative Any fruit can lend itself to sorbet. Softer, creamier and sweeter ones like banana and mango can sweeten tarter fruits such as berries that are a little unripe.

    You can add in some frozen yoghurt or drizzle in a natural sweetener if you wish such as maple syrup or honey. We believe that for the most part, ripe fruits well combined don’t need anything extra! Remember that as this is a ‘whole’ process, your juicer wont separate pulp from juice so remove anything you don’t want in your end product, such as citrus skins and pith or pips.

    We suggest: Banana & mango Mango & raspberry Banana & blueberry Mango with kiwi & 1/4 lime Watermelon & a small handful of mint Strawberry & lemon

    Did you know that you can also use your MOD Cold Press Juicer to make pureed baby food using your sorbet attachment?

    July 20, 2021 — Mod Appliances