You can store your juice in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 72 hours. We recommend consuming your juice within a few hours of it being out of the fridge.

Centrifugal juicers (also known as fast juicers) process fruit and vegetables into a spinning sieve-type basket with sharp blades on the bottom. They juice faster than masticating juicers however the spinning blades generate heat which can destroy some of the enzymes in the fruit and vegetables. The heat also oxidises those nutrients, rendering a less nutritious juice.

Masticating juicers (or cold press juicers), like MOD, use a slow-moving rotating screw to gently press produce against a perforated screen. This carefully separates the pulpy fibre from the juice. No heat is created which means the enzymes of the fruit and vegetables stay in place. You are left with a dryer pulp, meaning you are getting a higher juice yield from your produce.

The difference between juicing and blending comes down to what is left out of the process. With juicing, you are removing all fibrous material, leaving just the liquid of the fruits and vegetables. With blending, nothing is left out - the pulp, fibre and juice all become part of the final product.

As our parts are made of BPA free plastic, we do not recommend putting our products in the dishwasher as this may cause damage. We recommend cleaning your parts in lukewarm soapy water straight after use to prevent build up. There are detailed instructions about this provided in our Juicer manual.

We recommend buying a cold press juicer if:

  • You want to make nutritious cold press juice at home
  • You want to do juice cleanses, fasts or improve the quality of your diet
  • You want to make homemade nut milks
  • You want to make homemade, fruit based sorbets
  • You want a juicer that is quieter than most
  • You want a high quality, stylish juicer, backed by a generous warranty

You can juice most fruits and vegetables. From celery, apples and oranges to beetroot, leafy greens and more. Every juicer comes with a Juicing Handbook which guides you through which produce is able to be juiced and also how to prepare them for juicing.

Yes, you sure can. With the MOD Cold Press Juicer, there is no need to use a nut milk bag, the juicer does it all for you and the leftover nut pulp will be super dry allowing you to easily use it in baking.

Yes, you sure can. Each MOD Cold Press Juicer comes with a bonus wellness bundle which includes a free sorbet filter. Simply switch out the juicing filter for the sorbet filter and your machine is set up to make sorbet.

Yes - we stand by the quality of our products and offer a generous warranty on all juicers purchased. Refer to our Shipping & Warranty page for more information.

Yes, we do sell spare parts. Head to our spare parts page here

if you have any question please contact customer service at and we can answer all your questions.



Yes, we stand by the quality of our products and offer a generous 10 year warranty on all blenders purchased (t&cs apply). Refer to our Shipping & Warranty page here. for more information.

Yes, the MOD Blend Pro is fitted with a 1500W commercial grade motor. This makes it one of the most powerful motors on the market.

Yes, every MOD Blend Pro comes with a tamper that will help with blending thick, sticky ingredients.

Yes, the MOD Blend Pro is fitted with a touch screen display which includes five preset functions along with a touch slide allowing you ultimate control over your blending.

Yes, one of the five preset functions available on the touch screen display will blend cold pre-roasted vegetables into a hot, creamy soup in a matter of minutes.

Yes, the MOD Blend Pro is great for smoothies. The MOD Blend Pro’s powerful motor can blend thick ingredients with ease, producing a smooth and creamy result every single time.

There are a few differences between a Bullet and a MOD Blend Pro. The MOD Blend Pro has a powerful 1500W commercial grade motor whereas bullets are usually only around 600-900 watts and tend to be designed to make a smaller single serving. The MOD Blend Pro is more robust, backed by a generous warranty and uses a 2lt jug allowing you to prep in batches or make your morning smoothie to go. We also stock a 1lt jug for smaller batches. The primary purpose of a bullet is to liquify products whereas MOD Blend Pro can be used for anything from soups and smoothies to iced coffees and cake mixtures! So if you’re wanting something more versatile and value for money MOD Blend Pro is the way to go!


General FAQ

MOD Appliances is an Australian based, owned and operated company. Our products are designed in Australia with parts being sourced from USA, Japan and Taiwan then assembled in China under strict quality controlled conditions and shipped from our NZ warehouse. Our components are food safe and BPA free

Orders are dispatched the next business day, from our Auckland warehouse. You can see estimated shipping times based on your location on our shipping page here.

All our MOD products are sold exclusively online via If you have any questions that have not been answered by the FAQs, please contact our Customer Service team at, we would be happy to help!

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